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Friday, March 23, 2007

Detox and Human Adulthood

Intermittent Fasting note: A little feeling of “detoxification” this morning, as if my body is burning more fat, and some fat-soluble toxins are dumping. Have to increase my water intake. I’ve dropped two pounds in four days, and that wasn’t my intent with this new plan…
Prayers to John and Elizabeth Edwards. I’m not sure about him continuing on the campaign trail, though. Fighting cancer is hugely energy-intensive. On the other hand, seeing her husband in the White House might be the kind of goal that energizes the lady. I trust they’ll make a responsible choice.
More thoughts on the “Human Adulthood” thing, which keeps running around in my mind. There is a saying in writing circles that there are only two stories: “the young man grows up” and “the old man faces death.” Interesting. Growing up, and Enlightenment? If Growing Up is taking complete responsibility for yourself in all major aspects, and Enlightenment is opening the perceptual doors ordinarily only unsealed at death, then applying the structures of the Hero’s Journey to these would be valuable, I’d think. We’ve looked at the first one: accepting responsibility for yourself, dealing with the fear, setting out to learn the skills of adulthood, gathering proper allies, confronting failure, learning who and what to have faith in (including self), and teaching others.

What would the other half be? Accepting the inevitability of death (Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s final step?), dealing with the fear, working to cast aside illusions, gathering mature and/or spiritual allies, confronting crisis, destroying the ego-shell while maintaining faith that something…even if it is beyond your current understanding, will remain. Then, if you make it through before physical death, if you choose to communicate with ordinary humans you have to put the tatters of your ego-shell back on and try to teach that which cannot be taught. Fascinating…

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