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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Clear on Draft

I want to be crystal clear that I am not advocating a return to the draft. What I am saying is that
1) I think there are a LOT of people who would have been less enthusiastic about Iraq if they or their children had been at risk.
2) It is bullshit to advocate a war you would not be willing to die in, or for your children to die in.
I am not interested in leveraging either of these positions into public policy. However, I would be happy to live in a world in which no one started or supported a war without taking personal responsibility for the pain and death involved. I think there is grave moral peril for a nation when the burden of violence and injury can be abstracted onto "someone else." While it serves "civil liberty" to have a volunteer force, I ultimately think that it also serves the interests of ruthless men who would war for profit, and want the general public as drowsy as possible about the moral implications. There, that's what I think, and I have no hidden agendas around it.

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