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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Publisher's Weekly Review: Great Sky Woman

Wow.  What a week.  The first Path workshop, more movement on that movie script project I'll tell you about soon, got paid on a project we negotiated LAST MAY first PW review on Great Sky Woman.  I won't comment, except to say that I pay very careful attention to what critics say...and then take my own council.  Here 'tis...
Great Sky Woman
Steven Barnes. Random/One World, $24.95 (368p) ISBN 0-345-45900-8

Hugo Award–nominee Barnes embellishes his 20th novel with folklore, spiritualism and impressive atmospheric detail. In prehistory, the Ibandi people thrive beneath the immense shadows of Great Sky Mountain—Mount Kilimanjaro. Two youths, Frog Hopping, a boy from the Inner Boma clan, and T'Cori, a girl from the Dream Dancer group, without much parental care miraculously blossom; T'Cori is reared by mystical visionary Stillshadow, while Frog is educated by his Uncle Snake, harnessing his sexuality, hunting ability and emerging powers of premonition. Minor intra-tribe squabbling becomes the least of their worries as the vicious Mt*tk invade their territory, assaulting and enslaving T'Cori and her sister Dream Dancers. As the hostility mounts into warfare, it's up to Frog and T'Cori to scale the vast and treacherous heights of Great Sky to appeal to the ominous, omnipotent Father Mountain to save their line from obliteration. While Barnes's narrative stalls and sputters in spots, it's daringly epic in scope and written with an undeniably rich appreciation for historical legend and human ties. (On sale June 27)


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