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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Inaugural Path

it's done.  Scott and I ahve finished the first Path workshop.  Over the next few days I'll do a core dump of my thoughts and impressions, but I'd be giving it short shrift to try to go too deeply into it today--still depressurizing.

What I will say is that most of the attendees were willing, open, and gave it everything they have, and I have no end of admiration and respect for them.  Was the workshop a success?  Only the participants can say that, really, so I invite any readers who attended to post their impressions, now, or later.  Also, please post questions and comments in the forum, where I'll have more room to reply.

Again, more on the workshop later.  My deep thanks to those who attended, and to those who could not, but held the space of positive intention.

(p.s.--Salina--why don't you email me directly, and we'll talk about the L.A. workshop.)

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