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Monday, April 10, 2006

If I were president...

Remember, I said that, if I were president, I'd post my solutions, allow people to attack them, convene the smartest people I could find to comment on the attacks, and then make up my own mind.  Here we go...
My first solution has to do with both the Iraq war and the National debt.  I would re-instate the draft, and undo the tax cuts for the upper brackets.

The reasoning:
I don’t believe in trickle-down economics.  In a closed system, maybe.  But not in a world of off-shore accounts and outsourcing.
If this war is important enough to fight, it is important enough to hurt.  We need to feel the pinch.  Right now, I feel too much of the country is asleep.  It isn’t their children dying over there.  I would wake them up, and trust that the combined wisdom of this country is more powerful than a dozen men making policy in Washington.  I believe in an awake, aware people, and pain wakes us up.

My guess?  We would know, very very swiftly, what people wanted in terms of this war.  We would also stop foisting the debt off on our grandchildren.

All right, tell me why I’m crazy, and what you would do to  address these issues.

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