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Friday, January 20, 2006

At Last: The Path workshop opens

We've opened registration for the second Path seminar, this one in Los Angeles.  Understand something: the Portland seminar sold out in three weeks, three months before the date (April 22nd).  We're opening registration for the next one NOW, setting a date of June 24th.  Coach Sonnon and I agreed that the prereg should be 1/2 the price of the workshop at the door, so that our Tribe--Lifewriters and Rmax devotees, can afford to experience this new technology NOW. 
I tell you honestly: I've been waiting my whole life for this announcement.  When I taught Lifewriting, there was something missing: I had no way to anchor the changes in people's bodies, and therefore the context of their ordinary lives drained their energy and excitement away far too often.  As happens with almost any workshop.  Unless you become a "workshop junkie" going back over and over again, you just can't hold the breakthroughs.  This is going to be different.  Why?
Because, for the very first time that I know of ANYWHERE, the heart of this workshop is going to be the cultivation of physical/emotional energy and physical flow.  Physical flow can easily be channeled to academic or artistic or emotional/spiritual pursuits  quite easily.  Even if you come "only" for the physical benifit, you're going to get an individually calibrated exercise program, which can be performed by ANYONE, from Grannie to Grandmaster, and safely put yourself in the "Zone."  Scott is an absolute master at this.  Then you're going to commit to just one hour a week of such practise (20 mintues three times a week).  You will also refine goals in each of your three major arenas.  The FlowFit exercise not only raises the energy, and provides sound basic all-around fitness (basic fitness in only an HOUR a week, and I'm not kidding at all) but is specifically designed to remove fear-reactivity from the body.  Believe it, don't believe it--the workshop is experiential.  You'll see for yourself.  So--raise your energy, increase your clarity, remove the limiting fear...what in the heck do YOU think is going to happen?  Please, please, please (as the Hardest Working Man In Show Business used to say) do yourself a favor.  Go to

At the Rmax forum and ask yourself if this isn't worth the investment of a few hours and dollars of your time.  The world needs all of the loving, centered, powerful, energetic, autonomous warrior/ healer/ poets it can find.


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