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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steven Barnes Literary Orange 2009

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Marty S said...

Steve: I can really identify with you on this one. When I was a kid in the Bronx there was a vacant lot near our apartment building. My friend and I decided that it would be great place for a library. There were none in our neighborhood so he and I wrote letters to the mayor saying they should build one there. Two tears later they built a library on that lot. I have always wondered if it was coincidence or if our letters had something to do with it. Ate any rate the two of us stood on line to get into "our" library when it opened. I collected 22 books I wanted to read in a shopping bag. The librarian didn't want to let me check all those books out because she thought there was noway I could read them all before they were due. I talked her into letting me take them all and three weeks later when I returned them she said "you didn't really read them all did you?" I told I had and she wanted I could tel her about each story.