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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

7 Fears That Hide in 'Falling Out Of Love'

Having just celebrated my twelveth anniversary with my soulmate, it is amusing to watch the daily fluctuations of surface feelings: stress, fatigue, excitement, success, failure...all these external things affect the external experience. But diving deeper, the commitment we share to raise a child, the memory of the initial explosion of recognition, the certain knowledge that any "excitement" I felt with someone else would surely fade, leaving me with ashes instead of fire...they help me understand that there is a part of my head that will always look. And other parts of me that will always want to play. And still other parts that catalog every supposed if mine weren't as glaring. It is all so silly, and so wonderful. And yes, fear kills love faster than anything else--but most of that fear lives within us, and our perceptual filters, not in the world around us, or the Beloved.
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