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Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad Release: LIVE News Updates On The iPad Launch

"Just a bigger iPhone." And for those of us who would have loved a bigger screen, a bigger keyboard, etc, that may be enough, and terrific. Why all the venom?
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Scott said...

What venom? "I don't think it's a good value" = venom?

Anonymous said...

The venom comes from the journalists at technical magazines and media outlets that tell us its "the height of innovation" or that its a "laptop killer" when it has no camera, limited storage, non-approved software lockdowns, a battery that requires a full system replacement if and when it dies, and can only run a single application at a time. My Wii can do that, and it was made to be a gaming platform, not the next innovation in computing. Multi-threading has been a feature of computers since 1995! The Chicago Sun Times writer had the audacity to say that it is difficult to implement mult-program OSes.

Steve Perry said...

I guess it all depends on how you look at it. The iPad as a book reader leaves the Kindle in the dust. Looks better, works better, and can use color, so textbooks, magazines, all those things that aren't grayscale? Why, you can see those.

You can use it with your Mac. If you don't have a Mac, that's not such a big deal, but if you do, it is.

For the large Kindle, the cost isn't that different, and then the iPad, you can do those other things like movies, pictures, games, email, I kinda figure that's a plus.

Laptop killer? No way. Better reader? No question. Play with one yet? No comparison to the Kindle.

I haven't gotten one yet, but I was waiting for a good e-reader, and even unjailbroken, its way cooler than the Kindle or the Twat -- er, sorry, the Nook.

Much of the venom comes from the techno-crowd for whom no software, no hardware, is ever enough. They pissed all over the iPhone the same way.

For the rest of us who just a toy that does what we want? Maybe not so much venom.

Steven Barnes said...

"Venom comes from the journalists at technical magazines and media outlets that tell us its "the height of innovation" or that its a "laptop killer"
How is that venom? Saying something is good is just an opinion. I'm talking about the hundreds of posts around the web stating, explicitly, that IPads are for idiot, Mac lovers are technologically ignorant cultists, and on and on. Ad hominim attacks, and plenty of 'em.

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