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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Healthy Attitude, Healthy Life: How to Age Gracefully

While entropy is a part of life--we WILL eventually fall apart--most people are woefully ignorant about what it actually takes to be fit and healthy. Or even that "fit" and "healthy" are not the same things at all. In terms of exercise, start with caring for your joints, tendons and ligaments (careful joint rotations, chi gung, tai chi), then aligning the body and removing tension (yoga), moving from there to taxing the muscles to (but not beyond) your body's ability to rebuild and recover without excessive soreness. Yoga is wonderful for these basic steps. Moving into "performance" introduces dancing, swimming, martial arts, and other activities that can extended throughout life. And chief among all of these is an attitude of gratitude, a sense of loving yourself and the rest of the world, removing hatred and resentment from your heart, and believing that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. Hope, love, and faith (not to mention all the healthy, loving sex you can get!) are the elixir of life.
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