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Friday, May 19, 2006

Isn’t the wrong part of The Da Vinci Code controversial?

Something that has bothered me for a long time about the book, and now the movie, and it’s source material, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL.  It’s this: most of the squawking I’ve heard is a complaint about the idea that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children.  Excuse me?  Why in the world is THAT the most controversial aspect?  Shouldn’t the controversy be over the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion, and was therefore not resurrected?  Pardon me, but I thought the crucifixion and resurrection were the primary images, the primary miracle underlying the entire faith.

But I’ve heard so many people talking about the book and movie, and in almost every case, they fixate on the possibility that Jesus might have had a love life.  Wow…that is actually a bit disturbing to me, something that I don’t understand at all, and would love any readers who can offer opinions about this.  Of course, I have my own, but I’d love to hear some feedback on this one…

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