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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Up Early today...

Today my dog Hipshot’s efforts to get himself from the floor awakened me at about 6:30. Hippy is starting to get pretty arthritic, and it hurts to see the difficulty he’s having in the most basic tasks. Sigh. Time catches up with everyone, but it’s sad how fast it hits doggies.

Anyway, I decided to cut my morning meditation short, and got up, checked my e-mail, had a cup of tea, and started my morning yoga.
These days, the “Golden Hour” (which actually varies between 40 and 110 minutes, depending on my mood) alternates between Ashtanga yoga (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) and either Clubbells or Kettlebells on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On these days I’m also starting to filter in my Serak djurus, and what I call “Advanced Tibetans”, my experimental progression on the invaluable “Five Tibetans.”

Then I got to work on my current book project, a murder mystery set 30,000 years ago in East Africa entitled “Great Sky Woman.” This one has been almost grotesquely difficult, but, God, I love working on it!

Felt an energy crash come on about 3:30, after polishing 100 pages of text, so I took a nap. I’m just getting up now, and wanted to add an entry here, hoping to motivate myself to be more regular in my journaling.

That’s all for now…

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