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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Kundalini Rising

Some interesting Kundalini tickles this morning during meditation.  My morning meditation starts with the heartbeat, for about five minutes.  Then I'll (groggily) remember to use my sphincter lock, and lower abdominal lock.  When my attention wanders, I pull it back with a triangle visualization in each chakra, starting from the bottom.  Then, finally , I'll remember to use a glowing triangle in Anja, the forehead chakra.  That's usually where the fun kicks in.  Remember to breath in "the back", feeling the back of my rib cage expand with each inhalation.  This has taken me years to juggle, and now I'm starting to integrate Scott Sonnon's "Be Breathed" methodology, allowing slight movements to actually create my inhalations.

Visualize white light moving up the spine.  And...tickles.  Interesting.   A stealthy energetic crawling up the back.  This shouldn't have been too surprising.  T's mother noticed "a sweet smell" coming from my yoga area, and when I was in Quincy, Florida last week, squirrels were coming up to me without fear.  All these things are interesting, possibly meaningless coincidences or happenstances, but there is a weight of 'em that begins to correspond to both my previous experience, and traditional tales of Kundalini awakening.  If I'm right, I'm about two years away from something very interesting indeed.


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