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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. The sacred bonds of motherhood extend beyond the biological act of conception and birth. It is the protection and healing, the shelter and love. The sharing of the feminine energy in the world. All humans have some of it, women generally have more, mothers specialize. But if you have a teacher, neighbor, co-worker, sister...anyone who has warmed you with their heart in this very special way, please reach out to them. You never have any idea how much a simple "thank you" can mean to someone who feels forgotten or unappreciated, who has given her heart to the world and wonders what it all means. Tell them it means everything. And if you are fortunate to have a mother in any biological, social or personal sense...and she is still here...treasure her, and be certain that she knows you do. I bless my own mother, Eva Mae Reeves, for giving me birth and raising me. My sister Joyce for loving me and teaching me to read. Nicki's Mom Toni for being so much more than my friend and love...for giving me hope when I needed it most, and a darling daughter to boot. For Patricia Stevens Due for giving birth to the love of my life. And to Tananarive, who brought me my son, for whom I'd waited a lifetime. And walks with me every step of this punishing, miraculous, beautiful journey called life. I love you all.

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