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Monday, April 28, 2014

Danger Word!

We've been busy with multiple projects, but the biggest news today  is that my  short film DANGER WORD has finally gone public!  There are so many different ways to look at this, from the stress-relief of working on a dream while living in a non-optimal situation (no, that wasn't the first term that came to mind) from the planning and organization and writing, to the family dynamic of working with Tananrive in a way I never had, to providing my darling daughter Nicki with her first IMDB acting credit (Jason is in there too, but blink and you'll miss him), to time-organization, to money-raising, to a blazingly  powerful use of the "SECRET FORMULA", to the deliberate creation of a cultural meme directed at young the sheer fun of making a little horror film...from the "kid" part of me to the "adult" part, DANGER WORD was also the completion of a life's dream.  My last remaining childhood goal was to sit in a movie audience and see and feel them react as a movie "written by" me went on the screen.  And because I never said "how long?" or "how big?" I realized I got to consider this a major win, freeing me to do whatever comes next in my  life.

And now I get to share it with you.   So...if you like horror film, this little tale of a grandfather trying to protect his granddaughter after the Zombie Apocalypse might be right up your alley.   Or the alley  of a friend.   Please forward this link wherever you wish, to anyone you think would find it of interest.

Ladies and gentlemen...WWW.DANwww.dangerword.comGERWORD.COM.


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