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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Think And Grow Rich #3: Auto-Suggestion

TAGR #3: Auto-suggestion

This is one of the arenas where

Think And Grow Rich was both

ahead of its time, and somewhat

behind ours. The principle of

Auto Suggestion basically states

that the only way to change the

belief patterns that control our

unconscious behavior, and

emblazon our goals in our

hearts is to repeat our goals

and dreams again and again,

daily, with powerful emotions.

This technique works, it really

does, but you MUST combine

it with emotion. Better still,

use powerful body language,

read your goals and dreams

aloud, use strong voice and

facial expression, and ACT

like the person who can make

your dreams come true. In

exactly the same way that

hearing negative things about

yourself, or saying negative

things about yourself, for

sufficient time can crush your

will, saying POSITIVE things,

focused things, determinative

things again and again, for

days, weeks, and months will

change you. It must be

accompanied by action, but

this is the basic way Napoleon

Hill recommends that you use

conscious action to change

the unconscious mind.

1) Reduce your goals and

plans for actions to writing.

2) Read them aloud with

passion, morning and night.

3) See yourself accomplishing

them. Act as if you believe it.

Speak and move as if you believe

it. "Fake it till you make it!"


I mentioned that Hill was bot

h ahead of his time and behind

our own. Self-Hypnosis, NLP,

and other disciplines can increase

the rate of change, and I strongly

suggest that you delve into them.

One excellent source of hypnosis

tapes is called NEURO-Vision.

I've checked them out, they are

solid, they offer full money-back

guarantee, and have materials

covering a very wide range of

subjects. I'm affiliated with them

(just being honest!), but seriously

recommend that you check ou

t the very generous offer they

have for new customers right now.

Hypnosis isn't magic--it is entering a

relaxed, suggestible state in which our

deep minds are more open to changing

rigidly held beliefs, more receptive to

new ideas, more willing to modify our self


You can find the NEURO-Vision

website here:

Happy New Year!



p.s.--they're offering over

1000.00 worth of free extras

this month--it's a great deal. Do yourself

a favor and check it out!


G.E. Moon II said...

Thank you for the reminders on how powerful and ahead of its' time that Think And Grow Rich was.

I appreciate the recommendation to read your goals out loud morning and night with passion.

Thank you for a great post.

Yours In Health!

G.E. Moon II

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