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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Name of graphic technique

Does anyone know about the computer graphic technique where one image is hidden in another?


I'm taking off for New York in a couple of days. T and I will be at an event honoring Octavia Butler at Medgar Evers College this weekend. You can learn more at:


I got REALLY sore doing KB juggling stuff once I took the sets up to 60 seconds, and the recovery time down to 30 seconds. Then I combined the juggling with the "DOE Man-Maker" protocol (the one I call a "Fat Ripper.") Basically, in the "Man-Maker" you do a set of swings or snatches, jog lightly for 30-60 seconds, then another set of swings or snatches. Amazing exercise, one used by counter-terrorism guys in the Department of Energy. Anyway, when I did those with the juggling in place of the swings, I felt a LOT less sore, but was actually doing more work. I think that the mechanical flushing of toxins really helps there. I was using a treadmill set to "20 Minutes Easy" between sets. In fact, I shared the exercise time with Tananarive. I'd spend a minute on the treadmill while she is doing KB, then jump off and juggle while T hits the track.

Now, if you've never seen KB juggling, don't worry, I'm not using three huge weights and tossing them around like tennis balls. But you know what? I would bet you that warriors used to do just exactly that. What an insane test of coordination, muscular endurance and explosive power that would be. Yow.

But I do use a standard 1-pood (36 lbs.) and flip and catch, pass between legs, pull-catch-squat moves, part of the "H2H" system by Jeff Martone. And that is a hell of a workout, let me tell you. Using the "Fat Ripper" technique, I'm also training running as well. A damned good movement, in some ways the core of all athletic motion. And having a five year old who loves running, I think that it would be cool to stay ahead of him for as long as possible. He's fast, though. It won't be long.


I'm testing creating hyperlinks. If the following doesn't work, can anyone tell me how to do this?

href=”” >Route 101


Anonymous said...


Steganography is the word you're looking for. Here's the explanation.


Michelle said...

Yep Steganography...

AKA: Magic Eye.

B the II said...

on links:

assuming that you're writing in blogger, what you do is highlight the text of what you want linked, then click the little green button next to things like bold and italics, and then write or paste the http address of where you want to link to. The text that you just selected or highlighted will now link to the address you put in the little pop-up box

*for the greenish link icon to show up, your editor has to be on 'preview' not 'edit html' mode.

Darkush homesite

will read "Darkush homesite" and link to

*note: this response should be at least 90% accurate

B the II said...

sorry, that didn't exactly work, for lessons go here

Steve Perry said...

Original version of steganography was done with slaves -- shave their head, tattoo a message on the scalp, wait for the hair to grow back, then send them along ...

Took a while, but things moved slower in the old days.

Pagan Topologist said...

I expect to be at the Octavia Butler Symposium. See you there!

RCBonay said...

Is this the type of technique you're referring to(see Dream Girls collage)?

BC Monkey said...

Here's a page explaining how to do the hyperlinks.

At the beginning of your example, there's "<" and "a" missing, followed by a space. At the end, "<" "/" "a" ">" is missing. Sorry about the excess quote marks, but blogger won't let me write it without actually creating a functioning hyperlink.

Steven Barnes said...

Steganography! Thank you. That is the precise information I was looking for!

Hyperlinks...will give it a shot. Thanks.