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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boxing critics, and the Obama trap

Yuck. Intermittent Fasting yesterday dumped some holiday toxins into my blood stream, and sleep last night was wretched. Ah, well, I’ll survive. Figure one more day of that nonsense, then I’m back in form.
I have a nasty feeling that some of the recent race-gender flap was designed specifically to pull Barack into a discussion he can not win. Any specific discussion of race versus gender, or white versus black, is a losing position. Suspicion: Gloria Steinem, working as a Clinton surrogate, dangles a provocative Op-Ed piece stating Gender is more limiting. Sparking a national discussion. If Barack bites, no matter how reasonable his comments, he can no longer be seen as a Uniter, canceling out one of his most powerful selling points. Jeeze, I hate politics…but that’s pretty smart on Hillary’s part.
Coach Sonnon sent me a copy of his new Prasara Yoga book. When does this guy sleep? Haven’t have a chance to crack it yet, but am sure it’s brilliant. In my opinion, in about ten years Scott will be so far ahead of the pack that most “fitness gurus” won’t even be able to see his dust. He’s looking at the entire question from a higher elevation. Frankly, that can make it a little difficult for Newbies to really appreciate what he’s doing. Sort of like people who’ve never practiced Martial Arts have no idea just how sophisticated Silat is, and don’t really appreciate it until they go to a typical “march up and down across the floor” school.
Anyone make a New Year’s Resolution about fitness? Remember that you can accomplish a HELL of a lot in just 15 minutes a day. It’s consistency that does the job. Combine that with intelligence and a little grit, and you can change your entire life.
“In The Name of the King” (2008)

Nicki and I have a tradition of seeing bad movies and laughing our butts off. Wow. This one was almost too wretched. A bargain-basement knock off of “Lord of the Rings” (complete with Orks and stolen camera moves) I really don’t even want to synopsize this. Stay away. Director Ewe Boll recently offered to box five of his critics. He had it backwards: he should let anyone who’s paid good money for one of his drek-fests to punch HIM in the nards. I’d give it an “F” but that would be an insult to failing students everywhere. This is just dreadful. But hey, Nicki and I had fun.


Anonymous said...


I'd pay another ten bucks to punch him in the nards as well....good lord. I might go as far as to say that "In the Name of the King" was the worst movie I have ever seen. And that's saying a lot.

On the other hand, I saw "Juno" this weekend and it is one of the best films I've seen in a long time.

B Woodson said...

i have a fitness goal. It's simply to exercise about 15 min per day. It's pretty much some body-flow, capoiera and then clubbells. When i'm into the groove i'll do some explicit stuff, like kinetic chains, capoeira chains and clubbell DD cycles.

And once in a while immediately after i'll stop to meditate specifically to calm my breathing, kinda fun to see how hard the heart pumps after a couple cartwheels and swipes!

Later in the year i'll get back to a friend's thai-boxing gym and perhaps pick up a capoiera class or two to notice and practice some new stuff. I'm finding that i can 'shadow box' capoiera without feeling like a dork since all the movement is circular (seemingly designed to be practiced as a free-flow)

Veronica said...

Lost a good bit (about 15 pounds) of weight last year. So I'm in maintenance mode and my goal is to continue to work out at least 5 days a week and reintroduce Yoga - I've slacked on it in the last several months.

Saw Atonement, didn't live up to the book, but then not many do, right? Still, not a bad film, worth checking out.

Steve Perry said...

I've decided I need to slack off -- I'm too fit. Every time I'm having a discussion with somebody -- usually women -- and I allow as how I wear the same size pants I did in high school, but a bigger shirt because of the muscle gain, and how I never seem to gain weight no matter how much I eat?

It gets downright dangerous ...

(Aside to Barnes: Joe Daggy put the Sera(k) vids on DVDs, and added a third one, though it's only about thirty minutes, on Djuru #3. I went back and looked at 'em, and we all moved much worse then, but collectively, the players have probably lost a couple-three hundred pounds since. Interesting.)