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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hate Hypocrisy

This morning, listening to Air America, Rachel Maddow was talking about Fred Thompson’s dating life. Apparently in the 1990’s he was a swingin’ bachelor, and racked up a serious conquest list. And his exes are apparently quite complementary.
At any rate, Rachel made some noises about how it was hypocritical for Republicans to support Thompson when they criticized Clinton for his womanizing.
Excuse me? Clinton was married. Thompson was not. I fail to see any similarity at all, and that’s the kind of thing that drove me away from Right-Wing radio. Dammit, I just hate politics—I really think it motivates people to lie and twist the truth to elect “their” candidate. Feh.
By the way--anyone out there have an opinion on Thompson? I know some people who respect him highly.
Was at a tremendous martial arts workshop over the weekend. Graciella Cassilas (Kali), Dr. Ron Chapel (Kenpo), Ahati Kilindi (African fighting sciences), and others made it an entertaining, occasionally bruising weekend. Dr. Chapel demonstrated a cavity strike knock-out on a rather dumb-ass participant (a certain science fiction writer), and THAT made for a woozy ride home. Boy oh boy, it felt great to climb in the hot tub Sunday night…
Everything’s going well with CASANEGRA. The publicity doesn’t really kick off until next month, but we’re doing a USAToday interview today, did Black Issues Book Review yesterday (cover story), while Blair is doing Regis and Kelly, the Today show, and We may have created a new business model here—and it’s fun to watch people react to it. William Shatner seemed to have done something similar with “Tekwar”—that is, started with an idea, had a couple of writers flesh it out, and then go on to leverage the book into a Sci Fi channel series. Smart.
We’re doing something similar, but different in some key ways. Since I really don’t know the behind-the-scenes on Tekwar, I can’t comment with any authority.
Adam Crafter sent me his first month’s results from I.F. I spoke with him yesterday, and apparently the techs supervising his little experiment were simply shocked at the results, which included two kiligrams of fat loss and an increase in bone density. Personally, I worked out all day Saturday with absolutely no sense of weakness, and almost no hunger. I watched the others have lunch and felt almost serene. Odd.
The general impression remains that I.F. triggers your body into trying to turn you into a more efficient hunter-gatherer. That means all health buttons are go, but senses also sharper, energy higher, reflexes faster. Ordinarily, the body seems to have to make a choice between health and fitness, but this doesn’t seem to play by those rules.
I figure I’m going to be balls-to-the-wall with writing until next March, at which time I might really…genuinely…be able to take a little rest. The amount of work I’ve been producing is just about at my limit. I’m afraid that there’s so much of it that some might be getting short shrift. Really hope not, but the possibility is real.

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