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Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Lynn

"Dear Steve, I have just found some of your older blog entries in a google search. I looked around a little and thought that perhaps I might ask you a question. I'm a little embarrassed to ask as a total stranger and a brand new visitor, but I'm just getting a feeling I might be in the right place.

I have been having problems dealing with traumatic memories and am having quite a bit of disruption in my life. I do have a therapist, but I am in a stuck place. I think I waited rather long to seek therapy and am socially isolated and dealing with anxiety. I feel the need to find a simple-to-grasp way to support myself emotionally during this time. If you have one best piece of advice for a starting off point for this type of situation, what might it be?

I apologize for barging into your blog like this, I wouldn't normally hi-jack someone in this way, but I am searching..."
Lynn, you posted this note, and I wanted to respond to it.  AS LONG AS YOU ARE SEEING A THERAPIST, yes, there may be some resources I can offer.  I ask that you take a look to the right, find the "Five Minute Miracle Discussion Forum" button, and post there.  Let me know more about your situation, with specific information about the difference between the way your life is now, and what it would look and feel like if this issue were not deviling you.  Let me know about your career, personal relationships, and physical health/fitness.

Now, then...ANY recommendation I make to you should be discussed with your therapist.  If you make me this promise, I'll offer what help I can.


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