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Friday, June 30, 2006

PATH reviews...

Here are the best testimonials from the first two workshops.  I'm pleased, but know that Scott and I can and must do much, much better.

This is one of the best – taught seminars I’ve ever attended. The material was clear and exceptionally well-presented.

Tim Nichols
Participating in the seminar has relieved the tension in my lower back. It has made the more flexible and agile in one day.

Romeo Dangate II
It was a delight to be presented with this model of personal transformation, one that captures and elucidates personal trial and effort. It’s a message that goes straight to the heart, mind and soul.

Scott Newhall
I came to this seminar not sure what to expect and got more than I dreamt was possible.  I hope I can take this information and implement it in my life in a way that will create a lasting change in my life.

Matt Woodall
Loved the instruction, gentleness, energy, teaching style, content, passion, the blend of two teachers, awareness, multi-level of students all learning and doing at different levels and the laughter!

I want to learn more, take more classes, and bring others!

Jeanie Taylor

You guys are really unto something – a set of bodywork and conceptual tools to help people move their physical health deficits as well an emotional blockage, and ultimately any life challenges. People need a place top begin, and the Path combined bodywork ( long-appreciated world over as a development tool)  and intellectual insights into human nature, help folks engage and empower themselves at all levels.

Peter Kim
Thank you both immensely. I’ve spent 30 years intellectualizing various disciplines, philosophies, and ways of life. Today I realized my block has been my failure to emotionally connect. Thus with any of it, it wasn’t enough to transcend my battle with depression. Today, everything has come together and I am EXCITED.

Salina Gray
Brilliant combination of concepts. Putting psychological and physical work together this way has been very effective… could easily have been a 3-day seminar given the depth of the material. Beautiful, personal and compassionate presentation on the parts of Coach Sonnon and Steve Barnes.

Kyle David Jones
I can’t say enough good things. For the first time in my life I feel hope that I can create the process that will allow me to be the man that I want to be. I feel that I have the tools to accomplish my goals.

Aaron M Stultz
Phenomenal presentation of material! The tools presented are no less than life changing to attain your dreams and desires that are in Alignment with Integrity. Thank you, Scott and Steve.

Joseph Schwartz, CST
For less than the cost of a dinner out, and Cirque de Soleil tickets - an all-day seminar that's fun, physically challenging, and innovative mix of life management and physical practice. I've been to many, many goal-setting seminars, and still learned here critical new information for a follow-through...

Constance C Brown, CST

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