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Friday, March 10, 2006

Covenant #5: Affordable Neighborhoods

Covenant #5: Ensuring broad access to Affordable Neighborhoods that connect to opportunity.

This one addresses concerns about de facto racial segregation, and access to jobs.  It primarily seems to speak to fair play in housing practices, discrimination in transportation systems, and so forth. 

Every individual is encouraged to join a self-help housing project like Habitat for Humanity and either build themselves or another family a home.  Savings accounts for down payments, becoming educated about loan rates.  Working  to expand public transportation.

As usual, hold all leaders and elected officials responsible and demand that they change current policy.  Several examples are given of successful instances of communities and individuals improving living and transportation conditions.

Leaders and elected officials are encouraged to expand affordable housing in neighborhoods with good access to job, support programs to increase black homeownership, prioritize public transit over highways in transportation funding, and so on.

All pretty straight-forward.   Again, for more information go to

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